Quality & Transparency

A photo from Surgero Clinic Turkey

Quality & Transparency Commitment at Surgero


At Surgero, our paramount goal is to elevate the quality of services we deliver to our patients. This mission is fulfilled by placing a strong emphasis on the patient experience and satisfaction. We collaborate exclusively with highly specialized and experienced surgeons to ensure both the safety of the procedure and the excellence of the outcomes. Our surgeons perform operations in A+ hospitals, equipped with the most advanced medical technologies, to ensure every procedure is conducted without complications.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the operating room. We offer comprehensive aftercare services, including accommodations in 5-star hotels, where nurse services are available around the clock. This approach guarantees our patients receive the highest quality care throughout their journey with us.

To maintain and improve our high standards, we provide regular training for our employees, focusing on both service quality and the safety of our employees and patients. We continuously evaluate patient and employee satisfaction, using these insights to enhance the services we offer.


Transparency is a cornerstone of high-quality healthcare, fostering trust and confidence in our services among patients. Fully informed patients are more likely to place their trust in their healthcare providers and feel confident about their treatment choices.

Understanding the details of your procedure, selecting a qualified surgeon, and knowing what to expect from your care facility and aftercare services are crucial. At Surgero, we distinguish ourselves as a transparent healthcare provider by offering an open forum for patients to share their experiences, results, and opinions about their procedures and our team of professionals. This platform enables new and prospective patients to gain unique insights into their anticipated treatments, contributing to a well-informed patient community.

From the initial consultation through post-operative care, we ensure that our patients are well-informed about their health and treatment options. Our consent forms provide detailed information about the procedures and potential outcomes. Our dedication to changing lives is matched by our commitment to transparency, allowing our patients to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

We adhere strictly to the Personal Data Protection Law, ensuring the collection and processing of personal data are conducted in a fair, lawful, and transparent manner.

Hospital Admissions Data

We believe in the power of data to improve patient care and outcomes. Thus, we openly share:

  • Patient Numbers
  • Procedure Types
  • Surgeons Operating
  • Patient Satisfaction Levels
  • Patient Experience Reports
  • Average Length of Stay

This data-driven approach enables us to continually refine our services, ensuring that Surgero remains at the forefront of medical excellence and patient care.