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A Comprehensive Guide to Deep Plane Facelifts in Turkey

Deep Plane Facelift Costs, Procedures, Before and After

In the realm of cosmetic surgery, the deep plane facelift stands out as a revolutionary procedure, promising natural and long-lasting results.A true deep plane facelift is highly technically demanding, which is why many surgeons choose not to perform this procedure. Turkey, known for its advanced medical facilities and experienced surgeons, has become a leading destination for those seeking this transformative surgery. This article delves into the intricacies of the deep plane facelift, explores why Turkey is a top choice for this procedure, and provides a detailed breakdown of the associated costs.

Deep Plane Facelift Turkey Cost

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What is a Deep Plane Facelift? (SMAS vs Deep Plane Facelift)

A deep plane facelift is a surgical procedure designed to lift and reposition the deeper layers of the face, including the muscles and fat.The SMAS facelift, which stands for the Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System, treats the facial skin and SMAS musculature as separate units. In contrast, a deep plane facelift lifts the skin and SMAS together as one unit, operating at a deeper tissue level. Unlike traditional facelifts that mainly tighten the skin, this technique addresses the underlying structural elements, providing a more natural and youthful appearance. The procedure targets sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and loss of facial volume, particularly in the midface and neck areas.

The Procedure

The deep plane facelift involves making incisions along the hairline and around the ears. The surgeon then lifts and repositions the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) layer, which is a deeper layer of tissue that supports the skin. By addressing this layer, the facelift achieves more profound and longer-lasting results. The surgery typically takes about 4-6 hours and is performed under general anesthesia.

facelift Pictures after 5 days

Deep Plane Facelift Before and After (day by day)

Real-Life Experiences

Many patients who have undergone a deep plane facelift in Turkey report high levels of satisfaction with their results. They often praise the expertise of Turkish surgeons, the quality of care received, and the affordability of the procedure.

Before and after photos can provide a realistic expectation of the results achievable with a deep plane facelift. Meet our delightful 74-year-old patient, who has experienced a deep plane facelift, fat injection, and blepharoplasty. Follow her inspiring journey as she recovers, with her happiness and youthful glow shining through more each week.

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Deep plane facelift before and after photos dy by day
deep plane facelift 1 week post op
deep plane facelift before and after turkey
facelift recovery pictures day by day
deep plane facelift recovery day by day photos
best deep plane facelift surgeons turkey

Is Deep Plane Facelift in Turkey Safe?

Short answer is Yes. Deep Plane Facelift in Turkey is totally safe when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon in a reputable clinic. Turkey maintains high standards of healthcare, but choosing an accredited facility and a well-regarded surgeon is crucial for a safe and successful outcome.

As we are committed to provide the highest standards, our partner surgeons are double board-certified by International, European and Turkish Boards such as ;
- American Board of Plastic Surgery
- International Society of Plastic Surgery
- European Board of Plastic Surgery
- European Board of Orthopaedics
- Turkish Board of Plastic Surgery
- Turkish Board of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

facelift turkey cost

Benefits of a Deep Plane Facelift

Natural-Looking Results

One of the main advantages of the deep plane facelift is its ability to deliver natural-looking results. By repositioning the deeper facial structures, the procedure avoids the stretched or "windswept" appearance often associated with traditional facelifts.

Deep plane facelift Best surgeon

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Long-Lasting Effects

Since the deep plane facelift addresses the underlying muscles and tissues, the results are generally more durable than those of less invasive techniques. Patients can expect to enjoy their rejuvenated appearance for up to 10-15 years.

Improved Facial Contours

This procedure not only smooths out wrinkles but also restores youthful facial contours. By lifting and repositioning the midface and neck areas, the deep plane facelift enhances the overall harmony of the face.

Why Choose Turkey for a Deep Plane Facelift?

World-Class Surgeons

Turkey is home to some of the world's most skilled and experienced plastic surgeons. Many have trained internationally and are recognized for their expertise in advanced facelift techniques.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Turkish medical facilities are equipped with the latest technology and adhere to stringent international standards. Patients can expect high-quality care in modern, comfortable settings.

Affordable Costs

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Turkey for a deep plane facelift is the cost advantage. The procedure in Turkey can be significantly less expensive compared to countries like the United States (Miami, New york ) or the United Kingdom, without compromising on quality.

Deep Plane Facelift Cost in Turkey

Cost Comparison of Facelift Surgery

When comparing the cost of facelift surgery in Istanbul to other cities, Istanbul proves to be more affordable. The primary reason is the higher level of competition in Istanbul, allowing for more competitive pricing. Choosing an aesthetic center in Istanbul can provide a more comfortable and cost-effective experience.

  • Facelift in Turkey: $4,000 – $15,000
  • Facelift in the UK: £16,000 – £170,000
  • Facelift in Europe: €15,000 – €100,000
  • Facelift in the USA: $20,000 – $150,000

Average Cost Breakdown

On average, the cost of a deep plane facelift in Turkey ranges from $4,000 to $8,000. This price typically includes the surgeon's fee, anesthesia, hospital or clinic fees, and post-operative care.

FAQ Deep Plane Facelift

What is a deep plane facelift and how does it differ from a traditional facelift?

A deep plane facelift is a surgical procedure that lifts and repositions the deeper layers of the face, including the muscles and tissues, as one unit. This differs from a traditional facelift, which primarily lifts the skin, resulting in more natural and long-lasting results.

How long does the recovery process take after a deep plane facelift?

Recovery from a deep plane facelift typically involves about 2 weeks for initial healing, with most patients able to return to light activities. Full recovery, where final results are visible, can take 3-6 months.

What are the benefits of choosing a deep plane facelift over other facelift techniques?

The benefits of a deep plane facelift include more natural-looking results, longer-lasting effects, and significant improvement in facial structure, particularly in the midface and neck regions.

Are there any risks or complications associated with a deep plane facelift?

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and complications, such as infection, scarring, and nerve damage. However, these risks are minimized when performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon.

Why is Turkey a popular destination for deep plane facelifts?

Turkey is a popular destination due to its cost-effective pricing, high-quality healthcare standards, experienced surgeons, and substantial support from the Ministry of Health for aesthetic centers. The competitive market and favorable exchange rates also contribute to its popularity.

Preparing  for Your Deep Plane Facelift in Turkey

Planning Your Trip

When planning a trip for a deep plane facelift in Turkey, consider the following:

  • Travel Arrangements: Book flights and accommodation well in advance. Many clinics offer package deals that include airport transfers and hotel stays.
  • Medical Visa: Check if you need a medical visa to enter Turkey and apply for it in time.
  • Post-Operative Care: Arrange for adequate recovery time after the surgery. Plan to stay in Turkey for at least a week to attend follow-up appointments and ensure proper healing.

Pre-Surgery Guidelines

Before undergoing a deep plane facelift, patients should follow specific guidelines to ensure the best possible outcome:

  • Medical Evaluation: Undergo a thorough medical evaluation to confirm your suitability for the procedure.
  • Medications: Discuss any medications or supplements you're taking with your surgeon. You may need to stop certain medications that could increase bleeding risk.
  • Smoking and Alcohol: Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption at least two weeks before and after surgery to promote healing.

The Deep Plane Facelift Procedure

Day of Surgery

On the day of surgery, patients will undergo the following steps:

  1. Anesthesia: General anesthesia is administered to ensure comfort throughout the procedure.
  2. Incision: The surgeon makes incisions along the hairline and around the ears.
  3. Lifting and Repositioning: The SMAS layer is carefully lifted and repositioned to restore youthful contours.
  4. Closing Incisions: The incisions are closed with sutures, and the area is bandaged.

Post-Operative Care

Post-operative care is crucial for a smooth recovery and optimal results. Patients should:

  • Follow Surgeon’s Instructions: Adhere to all post-operative care instructions provided by the surgeon.
  • Rest and Hydration: Ensure plenty of rest and stay hydrated to support the healing process.
  • Manage Swelling and Bruising: Use cold compresses and prescribed medications to manage swelling and bruising.
  • Attend Follow-Up Appointments: Regular follow-up appointments with the surgeon are essential to monitor healing and address any concerns.

Recovery and Results

Initial Recovery Phase

The initial recovery phase lasts about 2-3 weeks. During this time, patients may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Most patients can return to normal activities within 2-3 weeks, although strenuous activities should be avoided for at least six weeks.

day by day before and after photos facelifts

Long-Term Results

As swelling subsides and the tissues settle, patients will begin to see the full results of their deep plane facelift. The face will appear more youthful and rejuvenated, with improved contours and reduced wrinkles.

Risks and Considerations

Potential Risks

As with any surgical procedure, a deep plane facelift carries certain risks, including:

  • Infection: Proper post-operative care can minimize the risk of infection.
  • Scarring: While incisions are made in inconspicuous areas, some scarring is inevitable. These scars usually fade over time.
  • Nerve Injury: There is a risk of temporary or permanent nerve injury, which can affect facial movement and sensation.

Managing Risks

Choosing a highly skilled and experienced surgeon significantly reduces the risks associated with a deep plane facelift. Additionally, following all pre- and post-operative care instructions can enhance the likelihood of a successful outcome.


The deep plane facelift is a highly effective procedure for those seeking long-lasting and natural-looking facial rejuvenation. Turkey has emerged as a leading destination for this surgery, offering world-class medical care at a fraction of the cost found in other countries. By choosing a skilled surgeon and following the appropriate pre- and post-operative guidelines, patients can achieve remarkable results that enhance their appearance and boost their confidence

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