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Penile enlargement procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, are increasingly sought after by individuals looking to resolve aesthetic concerns or enhance functionality. These procedures are not only about achieving greater size but also about boosting confidence and improving psychological well-being.

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Penis Enlargement Surgery with Surgero

Penile enlargement surgery can offer a permanent solution for those looking to increase the length or girth of their penis. As with any cosmetic procedure, careful research is crucial. Surgero encourages you to fully understand the risks, potential outcomes, and any potential side effects. We are committed to providing comprehensive information and answering all your questions.

This section will cover the types of surgical enhancements available, what patients can expect before, during, and after surgery, and provide a realistic perspective on the outcomes.

At Surgero, we understand the desire for improved confidence and satisfaction. Our penile enhancement procedures aim to address these concerns. Surgero offers a comprehensive approach, focusing on both physical and psychological aspects.

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Types of Penile Enlargement Surgeries

1. Penile Lengthening (Cutting the Ligament Technique):

This surgical technique involves cutting the ligaments that support the penis, allowing it to extend further out from the body. This method can result in an increase of 3-5 cm in the flaccid state, though changes in the erect state are less noticeable. The procedure is best suited for individuals with shorter penile lengths or those with a significant amount of abdominal fat obscuring the penile base.

penile Lengthening Surgery procedure

In a full penis enlargement surgery, the lengthening step is pretty fascinating. It starts by revealing the part of the penis that's usually hidden inside the body—this hidden section makes up about a third of its total length. To do this, surgeons make a small cut in the lower belly and cut the ligaments at the base of the penis. Think of these ligaments like the ropes that hold a tent steady; once they're cut, the penis can stretch out a bit more naturally. After that, they reposition some tissue between the pubic bone and the newly extended penis to keep everything in place.

2. Girth Enlargement (Thickening via Fat Transfer):

Girth enhancement is achieved by transferring fat from another part of the patient's body to the penis. This technique can increase the circumference by 30-50%. It’s a popular option for those who are satisfied with their penile length but desire a thicker shaft. The results are immediate but may require top-up procedures as the body naturally absorbs some of the transferred fat over time.

The fat transfer procedure involves harvesting fat from the patient's groin area, or the abdomen if preferred, especially during operations that include general anesthesia. This approach is particularly beneficial for slimmer patients, as the surgeon may need to locate suitable fat deposits throughout the body.

In this process, surgeons inject approximately 100 ML of fat into the penis. This is the maximum amount the penis can accept in one session. Patients typically see a size increase ranging from 50% to 100%. They are able to walk immediately after the procedure, showing off their new, larger size. It's essential to maintain cleanliness and follow hygienic practices after the procedure to avoid any infections.

A notable drawback of this method is the natural dissolution of the transferred fat over time, which varies from individual to individual. To achieve optimal results, patients may need to undergo the procedure two or three more times. The whole process is quick, lasting about 40 minutes, and carries minimal risks or side effects.

3. Combined Procedures for Length and Girth:

For comprehensive enhancement, surgeons can perform both lengthening and thickening in one surgical session. This approach minimizes recovery time and can produce significant changes in both dimensions.

Penile Implants

Among surgical options for penis enlargement in Turkey, the Penuma implant stands out due to its effectiveness and the permanence of the results.

Penile Implants turkey

Overview of Penile Implants

Many men experience erectile dysfunction; achieving or maintaining an erection. If you're facing this challenge, remember you're not alone. There's no shame in seeking help, and fortunately, there are a variety of solutions available to address these concerns. Penis enlargement surgery cost in Turkey varies depending on the type of implant chosen. The Penuma implant is a silicone sleeve inserted under the penis skin to add both length and girth. It's a popular choice for those who desire a permanent solution to enhance penis size.

How Penile Implants Work

Penile implants are devices that help men get and keep an erection. There are two main types: inflatable and non-inflatable.

Inflatable Implants

These are the most common type. They consist of three parts:

Cylinders: These are placed inside the penis and expand to create an erection.
Reservoir: This is a small pouch filled with sterile fluid, usually placed in the abdomen.
Pump: This is placed in the scrotum and squeezes fluid from the reservoir into the cylinders when pressed. When a man wants an erection, he simply squeezes the pump. The fluid inflates the cylinders, causing an erection in a few seconds. It feels very similar to a natural erection, with the difference being sterile fluid instead of blood inflating the penis.

To end the erection, the man presses a valve on the pump, which moves the fluid back to the reservoir.

Non-inflatable Implants

These are less common and consist of bendable rods placed inside the penis. They provide firmness but cannot change size.

Procedure Details

The implant procedure is typically completed within an hour under general anesthesia. After the surgery, patients can expect a recovery period of several weeks. Successful implantation results in a natural-looking enhancement, and the penile lengthening surgery before and after photos often show remarkable improvements.

Recovery and Lifestyle Adjustments

Post-operative care is crucial for ensuring the success of the implant. Patients must follow their surgeon's instructions closely to avoid complications. Although recovery varies, most men return to their normal routines within six weeks.

penile enlargement  surgery

Before The Operation

Prior to surgery, Surgero patients must undergo a thorough consultation process. This includes discussing their medical history, current health status, and the reasons for seeking enlargement. Our surgeon will explain the different procedures in detail, including the benefits, risks, and what to expect in terms of results. Surgero Patients will also undergo pre-operative tests such as blood and urine analysis to ensure they are fit for surgery.

Our Procedure

Surgero utilizes advanced techniques for a single, streamlined procedure that can address both length and girth. We prioritize patient safety and prioritize thorough consultations to ensure informed decisions. Surgero boasts a team of highly experienced surgeons specializing in this field. We understand the importance of choosing the right provider, and our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

Post-Operative Care and Recovery

Recovery times and protocols vary depending on the type of surgery performed. Generally, patients can expect to take it easy for at least a week, avoiding strenuous activities. Mild to moderate swelling and discomfort are common but manageable with prescribed pain medication. Follow-up appointments are crucial to monitor healing and ensure no complications arise.

Risks and Complications

While penile enlargement surgeries, such as the Penuma implant in Turkey, offer transformative results, they are not without risks. Patients considering penile enlargement surgery in Turkey must be aware of potential complications, which can include infection, reaction to anesthesia, and dissatisfaction with the results. Specific procedures like penoscrotal webbing surgery also have their own set of risks and prices, which should be discussed in detail with your surgeon.

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Options

For those looking for less invasive options, non-surgical methods of penis enlargement in Turkey are available. These methods can significantly increase girth and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the penis with minimal downtime.

Penile Fillers

Using dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid, non-surgical penile enlargement offers a enlargement possibility. The cost of penis enlargement surgery in Turkey can be considerably higher than non-surgical options, making fillers a cost-effective solution. The treatment typically takes about an hour and can enhance both flaccid and erect girth.

Safety and Efficacy

Non-surgical enhancements are safe, provided they are performed by a qualified professional. The results are immediate, with no need for downtime, which appeals to many men. It’s a significant confidence booster and has a high satisfaction rate among recipients.


How much does penis enlargement surgery cost in turkey ?

The cost of penis enlargement surgery in Turkey can vary depending on several factors. Here's a general idea:

The cost of penis enlargement in Turkey can vary depending on the chosen technique and individual factors. We offer a transparent pricing structure, typically ranging from 3500$-6000$. This includes pre-operative consultations, the procedure itself, anesthesia fees, and post-operative care.

To learn more and determine if penis enlargement surgery is right for you, schedule a confidential consultation with one of our surgeons.

How long do I need to take off work in order to have the surgery?

Most patients can return to work 2-3 days after their operation.

How long after the surgery can I resume sexual activity?

Usually sexual activities can be resumed after 4-6 weeks unless your surgeon advises otherwise.

Psychological Impact and Patient Testimonials

The decision to undergo penis enlargement surgery in Turkey often comes with significant psychological considerations. Many men report not only an improvement in their physical appearance but also a substantial boost in self-confidence. Penile enlargement surgery before and after testimonials frequently highlight the positive impact on patients' personal and intimate relationships.

Choosing the Right Clinic and Surgeon

When considering penis enlargement surgery in Turkey, selecting the right clinic and surgeon is paramount. Factors such as the penis enlargement surgery cost in Turkey, surgeon’s experience, and the quality of the facility should all be carefully evaluated. Ensure the clinic is reputable and that the medical staff are highly skilled in performing these sensitive procedures. See Our Accreditations

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