What is included in Hair Transplant Packages Turkey?

Hair Transplant Treatment Packages in Turkey include;

-Detailed Hair Analization and Consultations,

-Accommodation for 3/4 Nights (with Breakfast),

-Anesthesiologist Visit,

-Laboratory Analyzes,

-Anesthesia Fees,

-Internal VIP Transfers (including Airport Pick-up and Drop-off, to/from clinic, hotel.),

-Medications (Antibiotics, Painkillers, NSAIDs),

-Post Operative Washing Kit,

-Protective Hat, Headband, Neck Pillow,

-First wash and check, in clinic (A day after procedure),

-2 sessions of PRP Treatment,

-Interpreter service in clinic and during consultations,

-Lifetime Follow-Up,

So we provide everything you need during your journey with us, EXCEPT your flight ticket.

But we will be accompanying you during booking process with helpful suggestions (i.e. cheaper airlines, airport preference etc.)

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