PsyD. Zuhal Özel

Head of Patient Excellence

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Head of Patient Excellence


Ms. Zuhal Özel was born in 1988. She majored Psychology in Middle East Technical University and then completed her Master's Degree in Bahçeşehir University in Family Counselling and became Master Psychologist in 2018.

She's been working with Surgero for 3 years.

Here are the Experience, Certifications she's been awarded;

Kim Psychology Summer Internship School

Minnesota Multifaceted Personality Inventory ( MMPI) Practitioner

Metropolitan School Maturity Test Practitioner

Child Assessment Tests Practitioner


Frostig Development Test of Visual Perception

Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test

Catell Culture Free Intelligence Test

Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test

Clinical Battery Tests Applicator

SCL-90 Brief Symptom Inventory

KSE Brief Symptom Inventory

KENT EGY Intelligence Test

Beck Depression Inventory

Beck Anxiety Inventory

Virtue Psychology

Super Skills for Life Practitioner

Super Skills for Life: Anxiety and Depression Intervention Techniques Education in Children and Adolescents' by Prof. Dr. Cecilia A. Essau

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy Certificate Program Level

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Externship)

Detailed information on the theory

Practice and interventions of the therapy model

Session animation studies and monitoring session recordings using EFT

Live session from the Mirror Room

Adleran Life Style Analysis and Early Recollections

Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association

Gaining experiential experience by demonstrating the clinical skills needed to make a meaningful change in the life of clients

Achievements: In line with Adler's Individual Psychology Theory

Establishing a cooperative relationship with the Client

First adlerian Therapy

Life style that includes the Adlerian theories and use their first memories methods

Adlerian cases to have detailed information about developing a summary of lifestyle information through the conceptualization

Child and Adolescent Assessment Tests

Association of Clinical and Forensic Psychology

Goodenough Harris Human Draw Test

Bender Gestalt Visual Motor Perception Test

Luisa Düss Psychoanalytic Story Test

Porteus Maze Test

Kent EGY Test

Cattell 2A Intelligence Test

Metropolitan School Maturity Test

America PD Hyperactivity Scale

Game Therapy Training

Association of Clinical and Forensic Psychology

Freudian Play Therapy

Adlerian Play Therapy

Carl Jung Play Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy

Montessorie Play Therapy

Art Therapy

Puppet Therapy

Short Term Play Therapy

Group Play Therapy

Picture Analysis in Play Therapy

Luisa Düss Psychoanalytic Story Completion Test ​

Clinical Psychology Tests Training

Association of Clinical and Forensic Psychology

MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory)

Hacettepe Personality Inventory

SCL 90-R Psychological Symptom Screening Test

Short Symptom Inventory

Beier Sentence Completion Test


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Advanced Research Hub

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